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There are very few things I remember about Muscat, Oman. One is this plush green carpet that either my parents or my godparents had in their apartment. The other is my godparents themselves. The third is being in the sea . . . at least once a year as evidence by pictures below!


Muscat is the capital city of Oman, moutainous and on a coast (as evidenced by time spend on beach). And I am sorry but that is where my knowledge ends.

We visited it again after we left, in about 1997 I believe. We stayed in a hotel, and I vaguely remember the lobby and elevator of that room. I also remember the beach. The third and final thing I remember about the trip is my father trying to navigate our rented car around an old man walking in the middle of the road, getting frustrated and yelling, "Move you old prick!" through the windshield. "Old prick" either didn't hear or didn't care.

So, as with the Pakistan post, please find more information on Muscat's wiki page and work from there should you choose to travel here. 

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