Chronicles of one girl's journey to London - from conception to eventual migration.


In Canada, and even Dubai, we had 3 main meals. They were known as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast was in the morning before school or work (now AT school or work). Lunch was in the afternoon, anytime between noon and 2 pm. Dinner was after school or work, usually at 7 pm. There was the opportunity for a light snack between breakfast and lunch, and again between lunch and dinner. But that's it. Those are the main times we eat.

In merry old England, meals aren't as simple it would seem. Breakfast is still breakfast, thank God, and is still eaten im the morning upon waking. Then . . . things get loopy.

What follows breakfast (and maybe your mid morning snack) can be called lunch OR dinner. Lunch if it is a lighter meal and dinner if it is a heavy meal. Now, you'll be happy to know that when it comes to a workplace environment, it is always known as lunch. This is because there is no time in a workday to have a proper dinner.

Dinner almost always has more than one course, uses proper utensils and can go on for up to 3 hours.

After the midday meal, there is dinner or tea. Dinner, again, is the more formal of the two. Tea is when it is a light meal, and also can depend on where you live in the UK. I have noticed more people in London use dinner across the board while more rural areas use the term tea.

The final term that can be used is supper. In other parts of the world, supper is what people use to refer to as the main evening meal. However, here, supper is a meal usually eaten after dinner or tea. It is more of a snack than another full meal but it is still a faily substantial amount of food.

I hope this helps clear up some of the meals you may have sat down to since your move to the UK!

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