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Cuba is a very popular place for Canadians to go. Mainly, I think, because Americans are not allowed there and it's become our island away from home!

In May 2008, 5 girl friends and I visited Varadero for a week-long all-inclusive party! Varadero is one long beach strip with resorts. Ours was called the Oasis Brisas del Caribe. Now, most people who visit Cuba go here and stay on their resort. I do not recommend this as it's what I did and I still regret it.

Havana is a short drive away and, as I've heard, a treat for visitors. Much of it has been left behind in the 50s when the Americans left Cuba. Cars, houses, and even some fashion is still very retro.

Saw this on the bus from the airport to the resort

The beaches of the resort are all lovely, and you'll meet a lot of great Canadians and Europeans (fewer of those) while there. The food is often terrible but the drinks are free and unlimited. A good tip is to take your own travel mug. No matter the size, they'll fill it to the top for you.

Each resort has its own activities and most have their own mini discos as well, so there is always something to do. Each evening, a bus comes around to the resorts and takes you to the local bars or clubs. Highlights include La Ramba on the very top of a cliff and The Cave which is, literally, a cave. Then there's Internationale which is a fire hazard waiting to happen - several hundred people stuffed into a club that in London or Toronto would not be allowed more than 300-350 people.

For outside activities, we went for a dolphin swim, which was literally a dream moment ticked off my life list. It is not very expensive, and is worth every penny. They take you on a catamaran to a little area to snorkel then on to a semi-deserted island where they give you a big fresh seafood lunch. Finally, they take you to the dolphin enclosure where you get in the water with the animals and they swim around you.

Cuba is a sad  place to see, similar to Manila where there are beautiful resorts built just outside a shantytown. If you can look past this, however, it is a very relaxing and beautiful holiday to take.

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