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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


First off, YAY, I got a permanent position here in Toronto. On November 12, I start at Stikeman Elliott LLP as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

I'm happy because the company is a huge law firm here, one of the top 50 employees of 2012 actually, and the position itself sounds great. Great location, great co-workers, great pay = happy Zaira.

Now, on to my main reason here, my social media quandary. I use Twitter and Facebook already, post pictures, tweet at random when I think I am interesting enough. I have no problems there. I used LinkedIn to find a job, and update that when necessary as well.

But then I branched out; I started using Pinterest and Goodreads. And that's where the problem started.

Pinterest is so much fun, I can spend hours looking for cute things I like, repinning them, liking them. But I now realize that the point of Pinterest is to pin, then DO! But I don't ever do anything with these pins. I just collect boards of pretty things. I have a board for wedding ideas (some for myself, most for my sister's wedding in May) that will never take fruition because they require effort. I see pins for cute DIY projects that I will never do either. You know why? Because it requires me to make a list of things I need for said project, go out and buy them and then find a space in which to complete the project. I just don't have the patience or money for it. I am also not all that crafty. I find it hard enough to maintain this blog and all I have to do is write, something I am good at!

Cracked did a great article on why Pinterest is actually a bafflingly bad tool for women to use, and I agree with some of it. I see people with the time, energy and money to make these crafts and be all DIY-happy and I wonder: Where do they get their motivation? I would much rather spend the extra few dollars at a store or on an artist. Is it me? Am I the weird one?

To date, only one pin has inspired me in real life. I made these Nutella brownies. They were just OK.

Then, there's Goodreads. This is a social media site for book lovers and avid readers. You can sort your books into Read, Want to Read and Currently Reading. I love it, it's a great way for me to keep updated on soon to be published work, as well as keep a reminder list of what I want to read soon. I read about a nvoel a week and so this has been very helpful for that. Except that I don't! Goodreads one requires only one thing: go out and buy/borrow the book. It's not like Pinterest where you need a how-to for each pin you like. You just need to get the book. And have I? Well, no. I managed to tick 2 of my list of about 50 books on my Want to Read list and that is because we had them in the house. Now I have to make the effort and spend the money to read the rest.

I know this makes me sound like the laziest, cheapest person ever . . . but I don't think I am alone in this. I really don't. I feel like I am speaking for a majority of people who are going to soon realize that utilizing social media is expanding beyond just sitting in front of your computer and liking and pinning things. Soon you will have to stand up and hand over your debit/credit card to make your Gorgeous House Stuff board a reality!

I will let you know if any more pins come to life . . .