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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Well, back to where I was when I first started this blog: Toronto. It seems like nothing has changed at all in the last 2 years. It's disappointing and reassuring all at once.

A quick recap of my last couple of weeks in London . . .

I had a lovely bon voyage party on my final Saturday there. I thought I would be a quibbling, emotional mess but I managed to hold out on the tears long enough to enjoy the night.

On my last Monday there (May 8th) Qas took me out for one of the best days in London I have ever had. We started at the London Eye! If anyone has been keeping track at all of the blog, some might know that this has been on my list to do from the day I landed. However, I insisted that I wait until the very end of my two years there so that I would recognize neighbourhoods from above. I recommend this to anyone; going up there when you've walked the city a few hundred times means you know exactly what you're looking at when you're in the pod. It's a little emotional if you leave it to the end but it is worth it!

After the London Eye, we went to see We Will Rock You! Queen has been one of my favourite bands most of my life so this was a scary treat. After the mess of Thriller, I was nervous this would be the same. But it really wasn't! WWRY is an amazing, funny show and it is well worth a trip! It's in its 10th year now so is having a few anniversary performances (apparently Roger Taylor and Brian May performed with the cast the other night).

Then, on Tuesday morning, off I went. A few tears at the airport and off I whizzed through the security doors. So, yes, back in Toronto and looking for work. Looking for distractions from missing Qas and looking for a good catch up with all the friends here!

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  1. Thanks for advise to visit London Eye. I'm going to London soon, and will do it for sure. Nice photo by the way :) Have a good time in Toronto. I guess, You can plan your new trip already :)