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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


On Sunday, January 22nd, Sara and I visited the famous 221B Baker Street. Most people will know this is as the address of the so-famous-you-might-think-he's-real Sherlock Holmes and I suppose having a museum in his name doesn't help that either.

It's a great little museum. It costs £6 to peruse and you also get a handy little leaflet to guide you through some of the installations. The first two floors are laid out as Holmes' study would  be based on Arthur Conan Doyle's books, while the top floors are wax figures in homage to the different books.

Sherlock Holmes' lounge

The museum is very interesting, if a bit small. The strangest thing is the lavatory in the loft. There is still water in the bowl as well, so perhaps it can be used for patrons of the museum? We didn't experiment to find out!

The plan was to get a traditional Sunday roast in a pub around the corner (in keeping with the Sherlock theme, we picked The Globe). However, we then walked by the Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes on Baker Street and saw that they did afternoon tea for just £15. So, from one English tradition to the next, we decided to get us some tea and scones.

It was a pretty good tea, but you could tell why it was just £15. The scones were definitely bought at the Tesco next door and not made fresh. Same with the brownies, fruit cake and truffles. The sandwiches were just cheese, cheese and ham or smoked salmon so not the best selection. An afternoon tea deserves cucumber and prosciutto and fancy cheeses and things like that! Can't complain for the price though, can you?!

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