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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So . . . I say I'm Canadian. I celebrate Canada Day with pride, I love Timmy's and I can reel off a number of famous Hollywood residents who are actually Canadian with pride and envy. I do it all the Canadian way.

However, I have a confession to make. I am an impostor. I am no more Canadian than I am Middle Eastern or Pakistani. I don't like hockey, I speak British English more naturally due my primary education and I don't remember a lot about Canada's rules and regulations.

I no longer feel Toronto is my home. It is now where my family lives. When people ask me, "How long since you've been home?" I have the urge to answer, "I am home" - and then also correct their grammar and speech but that is a different matter - because it is the truth. I have no personal ties to Toronto outside of family and close friends.

Toronto WAS home. Dubai WAS home. They moulded me and shaped me and taught me. But, now, London is where I feel I belong. Toronto is in my past, and I will always love it and I can get nostalgic for it. But I am no longer homesick for it. London is where the path to my future lies.

And I will never have an answer to, "So where are you from?"

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