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Monday, October 10, 2011


Qas and I spent the past weekend in Frankfurt and it is a lovely, lovely place! So clean, so open, so modern. It reminded me of Toronto - where, even in the main heart of the city, the roads are wide, clean and with tram tracks (except they're called streetcars where I'm from) running along them as well.

Frankfurt Skyline

Our original plan was a 5-day weekend with a roadtrip. However, because we need more time in December for our friends' wedding in the Philippines, we had to cut this trip down to 3 days only. So, in light of that, we flew from Stansted to Hahn, which is about 130 km outside of Frankfurt, and rented a car there so we would have a way to get around easily all weekend.

We got there at early-ish on Friday morning and went straight to Steinbach. It's a suburb - village, really - just outside Frankfurt where Qas was born and lived until he was 13. We drove around, checking out Qas' old schools, his old house and neighbourhood and his favourite pizzeria (Pizzeria Pisa) where we had lunch.

Then, we went to the Welcome Hotel in Frankfurt where we had a quick nap and then into the main city bit to sightsee and for dinner.

On Saturday, we met with Jorg, an old school friend of Qas'. He invited us to his parents' house in Steinbach for lunch and it was delicious! We had noodles made from egg that is a German specialty . . . I can't remember the name of them! But they were delicious, and we ate these with a turkey and mushroom sauce, green beans, salad and delicious red wine.

After lunch, we went out to meet more of Qas' old friends: Tuncay, Wojtek and his girlfriend Zulia (that is pronunciation, I don't really know how it's spelt). We went back to the old schools as well as a little village called Kronberg, which is gorgeous! Some of the houses are 600 years old! We then went to see the SchlossHotel - an old castle that is now a 5 star hotel where the Queen has stayed.

Wojtek and Zulia had to leave after that so Tuncay, Jorg, Qas and I went back into the city. We went to the top of Main Tower - to the 54th floor observation deck - and saw a full 360 of Frankfurt at dusk. After, we all had dinner at Bastos Bar where I tried my first ever Apfelweien. This one was a little watered down (according to Jorg) so it was easy to drink. It is, apparently, a very bitter drink usually but mine tasted like slightly alcoholic apple juice.

Sunday was our last day there and it was a very beautiful, sunny day! We checked out of the hotel and went straight into the city again for some last minute sightseeing. Mehmet, another friend of Qas' who couldn't make it the night before, met us in Zeil (the main shopping area) and we had a meander around down to the river Main.

And that was it . . . back off to the airport at 2.30 pm and then on to the plane and London-bound!

I really love Frankfurt, and would like to make a trip there again, many times over.

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