Chronicles of one girl's journey to London - from conception to eventual migration.

Friday, September 16, 2011


After living in London for over a year, I've learnt about a few of the perks and savings tips that can be taken advantage of to make a social life easier.

There is, of course, the very popular Happy Hour - a concept practices around a lot of the world - where you can get drinks for 50% cheaper and so on. I'm not really a big drinker anymore but I do enjoy taking advantage of this.

Then, there are the usual Groupon, KGB Deals (a personal favourite actually), GoGroopie, Red Letter Days and so on that most people will also have heard of in some way (note: a really great one if you live in the Isle of Man is Isle of Deals and all proceeds go to a good cause!).

The one I like the best is the Unlimited Card at Cineworld. For those who enjoy a weekly trip to the movies, this is definitely worth it! As of September 2011, it costs £17.99 per month for access to all Cineworld cinemas in London to as many movies as you want. Seeing as a movie at Cineworld costs £9.20 a ticket for a 2D movie, you can make this back by watching just 2 movies in a month.

We used to go once a week and spend up to £40 on tickets and food. Now, it's half that if we want the popcorn (always). There is a £1.50 charge for 3D movies but I am OK with that as I don't really enjoy 3D movies and so tend to forgo those when possible.