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Friday, August 19, 2011


It's been a tough week for me. I've been very upset about various things that I feel are going wrong in my life. But, every so often, someone finally says the right thing - something that you've needed to hear even if you didn't realize it. Today, from Arpen, I got all the words of encouragement I needed after this pretty hard week:

You are a very strong person having done what you have this past 15 months. Leaving your home, family and friends to come to a new place, with no work nor established ties. You've found a job in this climate, you've seen more of london, and frankly england, than I have and you settled into what I'm sure is a very strong relationship, that like most, has a few speed bumps now and then. You've made a massive achievement. An achievement that some wish they had the courage to do.

He made me remember that I have actually done what I always wanted to do, something I had forgotten in the last couple of weeks.

I have some really exciting holidays ahead, as well as the arrival of Sara, my mommy visiting in October and Jessica visiting in November! 

I also have some exciting weekend plans coming up, including  Batman Live on Saturday!

And, finally, Arpen helped me realize that I have some really good friends here and I am a lucky, lucky girl.

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