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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So, Venice . . . I finally got to visit the city that is second on my list of "go here or else" places to visit (one was Barcelona and I got to do that last summer as some may know). It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in terms of architecture and general feel of the place. No cars, no traffic lights - just footpaths and canals.
Grande Canal at night
We went for 4.5 days (from April 28th - May 2nd) and so took our time to see the sights. We tried to get lost as much as we could to see as many random places as possible but the great thing about Venice is that you can never get lost!
We got there about noon on the Thursday and took a water taxi from the airport (7 kms away from Venice) to our hotel - Hotel Philosophy as it is known in Venice. The water taxi costs 100 euro for up to 5 people. There are water buses available for slightly cheaper but take longer or road taxis that take you to the main train station but you have to find your own way from there! After a nap at the hotel, we had dinner at what would become the only place Qas wanted to eat: Pizzeria La Cote in San Polo. It does have very delicious food and I highly recommend it! After, we walked around to see what Venice was like at night. We saw St. Mark's Basilica, which is the main tourist area in Venice.
The next day was Royal Wedding Day (or Sara's Birthday if you live in Canada). We watched their vows (very sweet and gorgeous dress, non?) and then left to explore Venice. We went to St. Mark's Square again for a daytime view and did some more walking around. One of my highlights was being taken on a gondola ride! They're very expensive (120 euros for 2 people) but I thought it was worth it. A gondola ride in Venice is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as far as I'm concerned!
Best Boyfriend Ever
We took the Saturday off to just sleep and relax indoors, only venturing out for a meal followed by a pre-booked Ghosts & Legends Tour, something that is really interesting because they take you through all the hidden alleyways of the city you may not see as a tourist.
Then, on our last full day we went up the Campanile for a 360 view of Venice and parts of Italy and the Adriatic, then headed into Florian's. It's a world famous cafe, both for its good food and exorbitant prices! Beware, they will charge you an extra 6 euros each if their resident musicians are playing. We had our last dinner at (guess!) La Cote.
We left the next morning at about 11.30 and that was it . . .Ciao Venezia! It's definitely a place I recommend people go - very romantic and very relaxing!

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