Chronicles of one girl's journey to London - from conception to eventual migration.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


April has started off great! On Saturday, I finally got to have my birthday laser tag event with all my friends. Unfortunately, my sisters could not be there to help kick some butt but Monika and Ste were willing to step in. Abs also had to cancel last minute but Jayne saved the day! So, off we go the 12 of us to a laser tag/paintball centre in North Greenwich. We've already divided into 2 teams with Qas captaining one and me the other. The aim was to kick Qas' butt at all costs . . . and we did! My Green team (Ste, Jayne, Steve, Ben, Julainne, me + 4 other randoms) played excellently against his Reds (Nousheen, Bilal, Etch, Monika, Neil, Qas + 4 randoms) and we won by miles :) OK, I have to admit here that my overall personal score was dismal compared to his so he can have that! But I even won with a sore back and some hungover crew! Yay!
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and there are no pictures of us from the actual day.

I'm also very excited about April because Daddy Shaal will visit, and then it's off to Venice for Qas and me!
I'm looking forward to a lot of things this month . . . including closing in on my one year anniversary in London! I made it . . . by the skin of my teeth, the hole in my bank account and the love and support of all my friends, I've made it.

Actually, let me take a moment here to thank you all for making this the coolest experience ever!
However, there have been a few people in London without whom I would not have survived my first two days here let alone my first year! Those people are Zab, Tez and Jabir . . . you guys made my first weekend in London amazing! You made my first two weeks in London the most memorable of my life. I'm grateful for all the help, guidance, laughs and hugs. Always.

Then there's Jayne, Ste, Ceri and Mummy Sofia. Watford Wednesdays (and now Watford any day) makes me feel like part of a family when I need it most. I love the love you give me!

Sanam, Abu and Salehs, my Northern family, have always been very kind to me! I will always appreciate my England Mummy Sanam!

JB, Etch, Rich, Ellen, Emma, Steve, Ben, Glen and Owen . . . my new friends in London who've made it so much fun! Danny, you get your own special thanks cause you're my lunch/pub buddy and you're a bit gingy so you ought to feel special :D

And in Toronto . . . I MISS YOU ALL! COME VISIT ME.

Finally, there is the person who has made London an entirely different experience than I ever expected and that's Qas . . . and what I have to say to you now is so simple: I love you.

UPDATE: Someone kindly pointed that I missed someone very important on this! TWO people actually . . . thing is, I probably left off lots of you because I wrote this as my mind prepared to shut down before bed. So, I definitely do need to mention Monica and Dennis. Because Monica is the reason I chose to move to Clapham. She showed me around, answered all my questions and made sure I knew what I was getting into. Dennis, while you were here, you talked me through lots of tough times in the beginning (read: boy troubles) as well as just generally being very helpful before I even moved when it came to areas to live, how the buses and trains and people work . . . you were my foundation builder!

Again, I'm very sorry if you feel you've been left off this (the trouble with singling people out to thank them is that you often offend someone else) but this was a spur of the moment thing :)


  1. *cough* no mention of the girl who showed you London South, picnic on Clapham Common,Cough* Cough*

  2. GO GREEN!!!!

    And thank YOU for making London so fun for me :)