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Thursday, March 17, 2011


NHS . . . it has a bad rep for being over-worked, over-stretched and generally quite shit. But to someone who comes from Ontario where OHIP exists, the NHS suddenly seems brilliant! Here is why . . .

I had an appointment this morning for 9.20am at my new doctor's office (or surgery as they're called here). I got to the surgery (I'm so English now) at 9.15, checked in on a computer which took 20 seconds in total and sat to wait. In Ontario, I would have waited about half an hour past my actual appointment time. Guess what time I got seen here? 9.22!
The doctor came to the door, called my name and in we went and chatted. In Ontario, my doctor used to leave me waiting an additional 15 minutes in an office. So I was delighted when I got into the offices behind, sat down with the doctor right away, chat to her and was all done within 10 minutes! That's all I wanted.

I know the NHS has a lot of other problems but a simple check-up should be just that . . . simple. And it was. Commendable indeed!


  1. True, when the NHS works, it works well. But when it doesn't, it can be horrible.

  2. Oh my which surgery did you go to cos once ive checked in, i wait another 15!

  3. mon i go to clapham park surgery BUT this time i went in and waited 15 minutes too! bah! hahaha