Chronicles of one girl's journey to London - from conception to eventual migration.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


This time last year I was counting down to visa apps, ticket purchases and The Big Move. So I can't help but take a long, hard look at where I am today.
January 2011 is my first illness free month in London! Weeee! I am no longer congested, my chest does not rattle nor does my nose flucutate between running and blocking. I feel great and so I am much happier!
They (whoever they are) say that it takes 6 months to get used to a new city's weather patterns and viruses. I think it takes a full year to do so fully. I think I am at the point where my body is used to the viruses and knows what to fight off. I just have to make sure I treat it right so it can do so!
We've celebrated many birthdays this past weekend - Nousheen, Ceri and Jayne in London and Sam, Amira and Misha in Toronto. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all!

Jayne and Ceri's delicious cake!

On the work side, it's been a busy couple of weeks. I have my very own intern from France! She's been doing a great job and will hopefully continue to do so for another 5 and a half months.
So let's see what February has to offer :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


We went to the Natural History Museum this afternoon! It's a humongous building filled with many exhibits. You need almost an entire day to see it all. Qas and I had 2 hours and only managed the Dinosaurs and Human Biology sections.
The Dinosaur exhibit is, to say the least, disappointing. Especially the T-Rex - a mechanical replica of the scary beast. But it's not . . . scary, that is. It is definitely very mechanical!

I really loved the Human section. It explores the brain, birth, growth, muscles, memory and on and on. There are little games and fun experiments. Highly entertaining and VERY trippy!

We are going to have to go back soon and see the rest of the museum though!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Our trip to Venice is booked :D I am REALLY looking forward to this!
This is our hotel!


I finally got an iPhone! And my first thought was that now I was far too connected to the world. The thing I loved about my Nokia is it did exactly what I thought a phone should do: it made phone calls. I am not a huge fan of texting as I think it's far too impersonal if you can just call someone. But that is not the world we live in so I go along with the times. 
But this iPhone . . . it's only been in my greedy little hands for about 72 hours and I've already committed the ultimate sin. I've pulled it out mid-conversation to do something entirely unnecessary!
With WhatsApp and Words With Friends and Facebook AND phone calls AND text messages on my phone I have no willpower. It's all too enticing. I understand now, all these people permanently attached to their handsets!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I had a terrible morning when I saw, in the bathroom mirror, two miniscule spots on my front teeth. I thought I had eaten something that got stuck but no amount of brushing or picking has moved them. I believe this means my teeth are stained. Or worse. I will find out soon.
This is the same bathroom mirror where I saw my fine lines for the first time. It is in Qas' bathroom and I think the lesson here is to never look too long into that mirror again!

My father is planning a visit in April!
Qas and I are planning on being in Venice for the weekend of the Royal Wedding!
I'm planning a trip with Julainne and Ben (The T5 Crew we're called!) for February!

Lots of plans! Now let's put them into motion!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well, back from a very good trip to Dubai. As much as I dislike the place, the people I have there make it all worth it!

We had a fantastic wedding to celebrate, where I was one of 9 bridesmaids with Sam (best friend and sister). The wedding was a traditional Pakistani affair, spanning 2 days with delicious food!

Pretty bride!

After the wedding, it was all about relaxing, some shopping and LOTS of eating. You cannot fault Dubai for it's amazing food!

Now, it's 2011. I don't make resolutions anymore - their novelty has worn off but an interesting conversation with Dennis (of Only D Brave fame) led me - US - to this: 2011 is the year to go there!

And I will take that literally as well as colloquially! I WILL go there, wherever there is meant to be. After all, it is why I moved to London! To GO THERE. So, travel plans feature heavily this year.

And I WILL go there and be honest and open and far more demanding (apologies in advance to my boyfriend who will bear the strongest brunt of this) and I will be selfish and do things just for me.

So . . . happy 2011 everyone! Go there!