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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I recently reconnected with a near and dear friend on Facebook who asked the following questions when she learned of my move to London:

How are the men? Pansies? Average? "It is what you make of it"?
Weather? Work? Transport?? 

And so, the answers to these questions follows this sentence.

The Men
The men are beautiful. They are either feminine and charming or masculine and coarse. There are, on average, far better looking men in London than in Toronto. Their accents aren't THAT sexy but their attitudes towards women are. London men seem to be looking for love. They are kinder, more aware of themselves and very comfortable in their own skin. Of course, having a boyfriend here, I tend not to notice the men in an interested way. But I am still interested in learning about their cultural differences, so I still observe.

The stories you've heard are all true: it rains in England. It also snows, shines and fogs. The weather is sporadic and changes on an hourly basis. This is no exaggeration. Something to do with where the UK sits on two different Atlantic currents means that the country experiences drastically different weather at the whim of the wind.

Ah, work. The one thing I wanted more than anything else in London and finally got! Work here is great. They seem to promote very quickly here. They pay isn't as good as in Canada and the standard of living is much higher so day-to-day is a little more of a struggle for someone like me - someone in the middle pay grade.

Recently, there have been a spate of strikes on the Tube (Subway, Metro, Underground) so transport has been a pain. Also, the weather and transport don't mix (see previous post). I take the tube every morning for 30 minutes to work and it is crowded. I often spoon with gentlemen I do not know and it is not by choice - mine or theirs! But that is what I do. I have no car here but I am, as I always will be, still spoilt as my boyfriend has one. So, while I do spend a lot of the time on the tube, I spend a lot of time in a very nice car as well.

All in all, I love London. Some days I see myself living here long-term with little apprehension.

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