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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well, it certainly was a happy birthday! My sisters have taken off this morning to go back to Toronto (with, I strongly suspect, my house keys in one of their coat pockets!) and I will go back to my house and restore my sense of disorder to my daily life.
I have been sick AGAIN and it's starting to worry me a lot more. A friend's theory is that I'm not used to the viruses in this country and so will feel better as I spend more time here. However, my time here is so short that I don't think I will have that luxury!
Anyway . . . due to the nasty illness I permanently carry about my person, we had a quiet birthday. It did, of course, last an entire week but it involved more catching up and less dancing and drinking.
I'm so glad my sisters were around for it and I am so sad they went back home.
There is lots to do though. Christmas isn't important to me this year apart from church tomorrow night. The next big thing is Dubai in one week! I am really looking forward to that! Hoping to come back with a tan ;)

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  1. It is a combination of the weather (England in general is damp) and being unused to the viruses here...also a big reason is pigeons. There are more pigeons in London than most other big cities and they carry more viruses around than you'd think, flying vermin! (Maybe that last bit was propoganda against pigeons but the rest of this is true) I was sick all the time my first year in will get acclimitised soon. Stop drinking tap water if you can and never underestimate the power of Orange Juice. I chugged it constantly, in respect of a drinking problem its the best kind to have.
    Sanam xxx