Chronicles of one girl's journey to London - from conception to eventual migration.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Tomorrow afternoon good friend and formidable Scrabble competitor Dennis Mensa boards a plane for Japan! He will live there for one year if all goes as planned. I am sad to see him go but so excited he has realized a dream! So, Dennis, here is a post just for you.
D is for dreams, the ones you're making come true!
E is for everyone who's really going to miss you.
N is for naughty, which you'd better not be.

N is for new life and realizing your dreams!
I is for I love you, cause really, we do.
S is for saki, something to get used to!

M is for Monica, cause she's that special girl!
E is for eating strange food in a strange new world.
N is for not giving up even when you're sad!
S is for Skype, which you'll always be glad you had!
A is for always remembering you have lots of love to come home to and people who will be very proud of you no matter what!

:) A bientot et bon voyage mon frere!

Friday, October 15, 2010


The hardest thing in a new place - especially in one where you have no immediate family - is making a relationship work.

The Boyfriend (Qas, Waqas, Qasim, Superman; tick as preferred) is back in my life and in a big way. This time around, it seems to be stronger, more intense and with far more love than the last time. Especially on his part . . .

See, he has family here. He has responsibility and social obligations and genuine interest in spending time with this sisters. He has work and friends and moments when he just wants to be alone.

And I have . . . yes, I have work. Yes, I have friends. But I don't have many moments when I want to be alone. I have no family and no social obligation to them at the moment so I have a LOT of spare time. It's what made our first attempt at this so disastrous. That, and other personality issues that we seem to have overcome for now.

We're alpha dogs, him and I, and I thought butting heads would create crater-sized holes in our relationship. The wonderful thing is it's doing the opposite. 

Anything that comes up bonds us closer. He is teaching me, without even knowing, how to be less jealous, how to trust more, open up more and let go of the little things.

I'm not sure what I've taught him but it doesn't matter. Whatever it is we're doing for each other, it works.

So, that's the only way I know how to make it work in London I'm afraid . . . find your little bit of magic.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Right, so this post is about sad things, but fear not reader, this is not my permanent state of mind!

One of the things about moving to a new country that gets lost in the excitement and tiring paperwork is the thought that when you get there, it will be very lonely. But it is!

You take for granted the bonds you have built in your hometown, where on any given night, you have a handful of people to call and just chat to. In a new country, while you're still forging these bonds, this isn't always feasible.

And for all the lovely friends I have made and the boyfriend I am now back together with (more on that later), there are some instances where no one can help the complete and utter bleakness of a night alone.

Because there is no one in the new place quite like the family and friends in the old place. Everyone here already has their life in full motion and you are scuttling around looking for a spot where you fit in. In Toronto, I was a part of the life we built. Here, I am the new brick in the old mansion.

So, there, something to think about . . .

Friday, October 8, 2010


So . . . I am a Marketing Executive now. And I love it! The job is demanding, the job is creative, the job makes me THINK! I am finally back in an environment where I can lose myself in what I am doing. I've missed this . . .

In fact, not to disparage previous roles, this one has more of a hold on me than the others. I feel more clear-headed at this job. I feel like I understand the company better. I am asking more questions, I am giving more input and it's only been 2 weeks.

But then I realize that's because at my last job, I was already counting down the days to London! 

In other non-work related news . . . my mommy is coming to visit me! She arrives Oct 22 and will be there until Oct 30! I am so excited because as we all know I am a big Mommy's Girl. She is also bringing me the rest of my wardrobe :D

Money is still an issue, as expected. I'm just not used to being broke anymore! Slowly, things will get better and I can afford all those holidays I planned to take!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I learnt how to rollerskate in London! Last night, we went to a roller-disco for Abs' birthday. It was my idea but I, the forever fool, didn't take into account my lack of skills on wheels. When we got there, I wobbled and wind-milled my way to a seat. Then, steeling all my courage, lifted myself up and clunked over to the rink.
And I didn't stop! With lots of guidance from lovely friends, I learnt how to skate! I'm not great and I did fall - though that was just me standing there, not even trying to skate - I am quite proud! 
And, as a bonus, here is a picture of the lovely birthday boy!