Chronicles of one girl's journey to London - from conception to eventual migration.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I start my new job tomorrow! I am excited to finally be back in something that I am good at and where I am still learning.

In typical Murphy's Law fashion, the marketing job I was had prayed very hard for at Christie's became a possibility when they e-mailed me for an interview 3 days ago. I declined. I believe heartily in things happening for a reason. This may well prove disastrous but it will be disastrous on my terms.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to tomorrow morning. I have good feelings as my boss has let me know he is excited for my first day as well - and he did it via text! That's always a good sign.

In non-work related news, I went to IKEA yesterday morning and bought myself some things from for the house to make it feel more like mine! I have a new duvet, new sheets, a bathmat, lampshades, a bedside lamp, a cheese grater and a new set of knives. Knives that have been proven to be very sharp as I sliced my thumb on one of them as I washed them.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This past weekend the flatmates and I had our housewarming party. It is over 2 years overdue for some of them but the house just wasn't party-friendly before this. Our previous flatmates (now thankfully moved out!) weren't quite interested in having our house be the party house!
However, new flatmates (self included) have decided this needs to be a social house where people can mingle and drink and enjoy!

The party went very well, though it is quite sad because two more are moving out. And these are two we really like! We can only hope their replacement can fill their shoes.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have landed a job as a Marketing Executive! I am waiting for the offer letter in the post (Canadians read: mail) and it will be official. But I am still excited! So I have announced it already and am ready to celebrate!

I am celebrating my hope that kept me holding on. I am celebrating the tears and the anxiety that pushed me to try harder. I am celebrating the luck that we all need to get in at just the right moment. I am celebrating the advice from all the amazing friends. I am celebrating the encouragement from my family in Toronto. I am celebrating the fact that I can finally relax for a few minutes! I am celebrating . . .

And I am very, very happy :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It's been an interesting couple of weeks . . . Qas and I are speaking again and it's lovely. And confusing. And comfortable. And probably wrong. But so be it, this is what we have chosen to do and neither of us are complaining yet! We are just friends in the way only we can be just friends, so I have given up trying to understand it.

Last night, he had his comedy showcase after (FINALLY) completing his course. And . . . he was great! The boy can deliver a punchline. Very proud of him. 

Oh yes, there were signs!
Other than enjoying my friends, I am, of course, on the job hunt still and that is driving me crazy. I just want to walk into an office and shake their Marketing Manager (or insert appropriate title here) and scream: HIRE ME!!!

In London, I am slightly unhinged . . . 

Today, I heard back from an interview I had last Friday and was told that "due to management decisions to restructure the marketing department, we are no longer recruiting for this position". Bloody hell . . . back to the drawing board. But this time I won't be too upset. This time, there is no Black Friday. This time, I am fighting back harder because damnit I need to give it all I've got, haven't I? Otherwise, I'll never feel like I fought hard enough for my dream. OK, I am done quoting bad football movies. So, I will just work harder and - now feel free to sing along with me - rally my cry: