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Monday, August 23, 2010


In the 3 short months I have been here, I have seen a lot of London. I have seen a little bit of Europe. I have made some wonderful friends and bonded even closer with people I already knew. None more so than The Boy . . . who became The Boyfriend and who is now The Ex-Boyfriend.
While I'm the one who instigated the actual break-up, it wasn't something I really wanted to do and it is hitting me especially hard now - 3 days after the moment we separated.
The loss is immense for me and I can feel it in everything I do. We only went out for a few weeks but we have been so entrenched in each other's lives this past year that it feels like we've been together for much much longer.
While I feel good about the reasons behind the break-up, it is losing him as the best friend that hurts the most. I know we can be friends as there is no animosity between us but we probably can't be friends the way we used to be. I haven't spoken to him since Friday night but it is not without a struggle. I am fighting the urge to call him just to see how he is, just to have a quick chat about our respective days or just to hear that pseudo-American accent. If I call him now, I will cry.
So, despite my dislike of drama, I actually do feel heart-broken. I have to remind myself of the reasons I decided to let go but those reasons feel so trivial right now.

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