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Sunday, August 15, 2010


After a lovely couple of days in Paris, we headed to Barcelona for some beach time! Also, high on my list of sights to see was Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi creations.

We spent our first two nights at the Equity Point Gothic in the Barri Gotic (hence the name). The hostel was quite nice but a bit quieter than we thought it would be. We used these first nights to catch up on some sleep and just take it easy. We were still in relaxed Paris mode I suppose!

For our 3rd night, we moved to Kabul off of the famous La Rambla. The street is a tourist magnet and pickpocket heaven. We got very lucky throughout our entire trip, though, as we didn't get pickpocketed or lose anything!

Kabul was a lot more fun, especially because we joined the hostel on a night out at local club Hyde. Our bunkmates were also great: 3 Egyptian boys and 2 Yorkshire brothers, each only there for the same night we were. I think we definitely made the most of that.

We spent our last 4 nights at Equity Point Sea, which is on the beach. Now, this hostel was supposed to be a bit quieter but we got put in a room with 5 boys from Basingstoke. 5 loud, drunk, smelly, FUN boys! We also met 3 German girls and so we spent most of our last days drunk with them.

We did manage to get sight-seeing done as well. We rode cable cars to Montjuic which is the mountain which houses the Olympic stadium that served the 1992 Olympics. We also went on our own building tour of Gaudi's work via the Metro (which, if you've mastered New York and London, is a breeze!). And, lastly, the most important thing is we both managed to get excellent tans!

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