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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Finally, I bought hangers and have hung all my clothes. There are no longer suitcases in my room! I rearranged a little as well and am very happy. 

I am terribly nervous, however, about the money situation as I now regularly have rent coming out of my account. Being an adult is really not that fun. Because, let’s face it, until this moment I haven’t really been a grownup have I? I’ve lived at home my whole life and while I paid into the house, it was nowhere near what I pay now that I live on my own. It’s not just the money though is it? I am now responsible for my eating habits as well as every little thing I took advantage of before. I have to make sure there’s always milk. There’s no one else to worry about that now. Little things like that are what make me miss Toronto!

It is a lovely house though. It is a fully refurbished Victorian and I have 7 other flatmates. Yes, 7. SEVEN! The house is certainly large enough to accommodate us though. We also have intensely varying schedules which actually means it can get a bit lonely.

My room is on the main floor and I pretty much have my own bathroom, except when someone is too lazy to go upstairs to their own.

I can only hope I have the ability to get myself a good job to keep the house and also to make sure I can stay in London. I have a lot more to stay for than when I first moved here.

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