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Friday, June 11, 2010


So there I am, on a spur of the moment road trip to Manchester. It is 7 pm and Tez, Qas and I are on the road with Qas at the wheel of his trusty E-class (I know, we travel in style). The trip is only spontaneous for me: Tez had plans to visit his good friend Katherine and Qas is making an emergency work trip for some sort of property issue. Another one of his “meetings” :)
The plan is to sleep over in Manchester so he can do some work in the morning and then to go up to Whitehaven (news followers will know this as the location of the recent shooting spree) for some disaster that has afflicted a property he owns.
We reach Manchester at approximately 11 pm, drop Tez off with his friend and then head to the hotel. We are there by 11:30 which leaves us just enough time to sleep.   

The next day . . .
Manchester business is taken care of while I sleep and then by 9:30 am we are on our way to Whitehaven. The drive up is just breathtaking. Britain is known for its hills, the rolling majestic greens littered with sheep and cows. It does not disappoint. The mountains meet the clouds in perfect cohesion and I have never seen scenery like this. There are even signs to watch for horse-drawn carriages but unfortunately I do not see any!
Whitehaven is a lake town in the famous Lake District and is a quaint little place. It has been taken over by chains, though. There is a Costa Coffee (what I can only compare to a higher end Tim Horton’s) and there are other chain stores and the evil gas stations.

Other than that, it is postcard perfect. The houses are old, the streets are narrow and the people actually wave hello to each other when they pass. Honest, I actually saw this happen twice in the short drive off the main road into the city centre. It is charming in the way only an old English town could be.
If I were so inclined to live in sleepy towns, I would retire here. But, seeing as I have always been a city girl at heart and need life around me, I probably wouldn’t last longer than a couple of weeks.

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