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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Spent another day in London yesterday (this time with Zainab who is Qas' younger sister). She took me to Ten Ten Tei for sushi and it was delicious! Though, have realized that am not a big fan of sushi anymore.

Then, we walked down Regent Street to Hamley's, world famous toy store which celebrates it's 250th year this year!

This rotates in the middle of the store on the 4th floor
The store is AMAZING, all interactive with employees as immature as me. I even got hit on by one of the employees . . . I think it's the North American accent. But, sorry Holy Momo, it's just not going to happen.

Anyway, we then walked over to Caffe Concerto, an Italian chain, where we had some DELICIOUS gelato (mine chocolate, Zainab's lemon). Following that, we walked over to Piccadilly Circus. Now, let's be honest, once you've seen Times Square in NYC this isn't going to impress you but it still has it's charm.
Not bad just not NYC, is it?

Zainab and I also have a new project for the summer. London has installed an art awareness project through the city called The Elephant Parade. Elephant statues have been placed all over the city, each one sponsored and painted quite beautifully. The mini herd to the right is in Trafalgar Square and is Indian-themed. We are on a mission to find al 248 as we explore the city more together this summer.

So, things are looking better for me and getting much more exciting. I have a few social events to look forward to as well, including a birthday party at the O2's Matter.

Keep you posted!

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