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Sunday, May 16, 2010


I saw actual central London for the first time yesterday, and it made these last couple of days feel much more worth it!
Let's back up. On the plane to Manchester, I woke from a good nap and the home-sickness kicked in almost right away. I couldn't believe it. Wasn't this supposed to wait a few weeks?! But, no, there it was, the ache to be back where I was comfortable and knew my surroundings and I hadn't even landed yet. I went back to sleep and hoped it was just last-minute nerves.
But the feeling stuck. I was literally sick for home: my stomach all in knots, tears at any second, no appetite and falling asleep was almost impossible.
The drive from Manchester to London with Zab was very exciting. I was all, "I can't believe I'm here" and things like that. I took pictures of the roads and signs and things and generally felt good.
Then I got to the house . . . there is no shower, only a bathtub with taps so I either have to soak or use a bucket. I am not a fan of soaking so bucket it is! My bedroom and the rest of the house is lovely though, but it made me immediately want to go back to Toronto where I had a lovely shower with a proper shower head and curtain and all!
Apparently there used to be a shower but it had to be taken out to make room for a new boiler.
Anyway, you get used to the bucket baths and that's OK. But the area I'm in (Ilford) is not an area I like very much. It's a suburb in the east and I don't like suburbs here. So, there I was, miserable and it was only my first day. I cried.
And then I realized what I really missed was my mother. Very typical, I hear, that you don't realize how attached you are to your mother until the first time you live apart on a more permanent basis. I always thought I was much more independent than this!

Falling asleep on Friday night was tough but we had made plans to go to London on Saturday for the day so I tried to concentrate on that.

So, Saturday afternoon, Zab and I took the tube to Oxford Circus and I stepped out into the open and TA-DA, LONDON BABY! THIS is what I came for! I instantly felt 100 times better. I could make this work for me if I could spend more time in the central area!

And what a day! We walked for almost 4 hours and saw:
  • Leicester Square
  • Downing Street
  • Big Ben
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Chinatown
Lovely places, very busy and that's just what I love! So, as soon as I am able, I am moving closer to a more metropolitan area! As much as I love Jabir, Tez and the actual house, this area is not for me. 
But London . . . baby, I was made for London!

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