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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Oh, what a night! People arrived shortly after 9 pm, Marjorie and her cousin Nicky being the first. Nicky is visiting from Liverpool so have now made a new friend in the North. 

There was much to drink and best friend ever Sara brought food. The party was supposed to be at her house originally but last minute venue change occurred yesterday afternoon - literally 4 hours before kick-off time. Felt really bad but logistically made sense as everyone who drank was meant to sleep over at the sisters' house.

Drank the rest of my Tanqueray; half a bottle of gin, oh my! And I think everyone had a fantastic time! I did cry though even though I didn't think I would. It was Badr and Ron and talking to them about how I would miss them or something. Really didn't think it would get that emotional but I can't imagine a social life without them.

Had Commandment sticky notes for everyone to give me advice on. Thou Shalt or Thou Shalt Not . . . etc. Everyone was asked to fill out as they saw fit. Favourites include:
  • Thou Shalt Not . . . fornicates with English men with bad teeth. (deal)
  • Thou Shalt Not . . . take any other husbands! (Long-running joke between best friend Ron and me. We are once-married, now-divorced but working on a reconciliation. Am obviously not helping by leaving the country)
  • Thou Shalt . . . return! (perhaps . . .)
  • Thou Shalt . . . love the English! (waaaay ahead of you there)
  • Thou Shalt . . . covet thy neighbour's husband (am hoping my neighbour is Chelsy Davy)
  • Thou Shalt . . . TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL & TRAVEL SOME MORE (is whole point of move!)
  • Thou Shalt Not . . . forget us! (will never happen!)
So, a big thank you to all my lovely friends who made the night such a good one. I love you all.

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