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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


What a weekend . . . hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Or just enjoyed the weekend in general. In Toronto, the weather was perfect and I couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling time.

On Sunday, someone came to see my car (Lulu LeBleu, my lovely Mazda3) and decided he had to have it. I am very happy! That was a major stress point for me as that's not something - like a piece of furniture - that I can just throw out. So, next weekend, I say farewell to Lulu!

 Goodbye pretty car!

Then, on Monday, my father and I went to our nearest Flight Centre and bought my plane ticket to Manchester! I depart May 13 at 7.40 pm and land in Manc on May 14 at 7.30 am where the plan is for Zab to meet me and my GIGANTIC suitcases. I hope to spend the night in Blackburn and then Zab and I will drive down to London on Saturday May 15.

Jabir has been kind enough to let me stay at his flat for a few while I find myself a home of my own and settle into this strange new land. Forever grateful for that!

I am SO excited. There is much to do!!

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