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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Where to start? My mind is a jumble; it is a mess. It doesn't know left from right at the moment.

I am at a point where all I want is a good hug to tell me it will all be OK - and even if it isn't going to be OK that I am smart enough to find a way to make it work.
So . . . the point of this whole thing? Let's try and lay it out here: This whole process is making me nauseous.
Almost 3 weeks ago, I submitted my visa application online. I paid the required $219 for admin and processing of this visa and then I made an appointment for Wednesday March 17th to submit my documents (passport, proof of funds, etc.) and my biometrics enrollment. At that appointment, they said my proof of funds letter was not sufficient as it was a fax and they wanted a proper letter - an original from the bank. And I am also missing a document from the Worldbridge website: one Appendix 7.

I had to reschedule my appointment. I wasn't disappointed though - I EXPECTED THIS. I knew, from years of my desires not working out on the first try, that this would not happen. This ws just the first step in making it so. So I called my bank and asked for the letter. They said it was on it's way already because it was policy to send the letter even if they sent a fax. Lovely, one thing going for me.
So, I go online, reschedule for Thursday March 25th and . . . wait. The letter from the bank arrives. Excellent! I print and fill in Appendix 7. Everything goes into my trusty manila folder and I wait until the appointed hour.

It comes and I race to the Worldbridge office in Toronto. Could this be it? I might finally make this happen!
They look at my bank letter and say: Oh the signature looks printed, not original. And there is nothing I can do  because this is the only letter the bank will give me. I call them from the visa office and they verify that, indeed, that letter is the only kind they give to customers. I explain that it is for a visa application and they say: That's the only one!

So I decide to go ahead with the application anyway. But now I am terrified that they will reject me . . . and then I will just have to find a new way to get this bank letter. 
And then when the woman sees my passport photo and my visa application photo, she thinks they look too similar . . . which means the visa application one was not taken within the last 6 months. I tell her I've just changed my hair recently (I have) and so she says OK.

But all this . . . it makes me nervous. And anxious. And upset. And I feel like I could throw up if I let myself and that I will burst into dramatic sobs if I let myself.

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  1. oh zaira, you remind me of myself in that situation. but everything worked out for me as it will you. no one said moving across the world is easy, but its worth it.

    oh and congrats!

    *big hugs* love u